Shale gas production in the US has slowed, China also announces a revolution

Shale gas production in the US has slowed, China also announces a revolution

Shale gas production in the US will slow down due to the cost of fuel

In the near future, the United States is not going to increase shale gas production. This is due to the fact that the volumes offered to the market exceed demand. Consequently, the price of blue fuel is falling. In 2019, the American kancevica will suspend exploration and drilling. Part of the gas producers will leave the volume of fuel pumping at the same level, and some of them will reduce production. However, in 2019, several export enterprises were opened, which are designed to stabilize the situation. The reasons for the alleged reduction of shale gas production in the United States are that earlier drilling and the creation of enterprises for the production of liquefied gas were carried out without regard to expediency.

In General, trends in the development of the industry can be traced by analyzing the figures for the week, which ended January 23, 2019. In the factories it was uploaded 6 tankers (21,6 billion cubic feet). A week earlier – 8 tankers. The average daily gas supply for the week was 3.8 billion cubic feet, a more modest result compared to the previous 7 days (4.8 billion ft3/day).

While shale gas production in the US slows down, China announces a revolution in the mining industry

The new technology will allow Chinese miners to reach the deep layers of shale gas. As you know, China has the largest reserves of fuel, ahead of the United States and Australia. This technology is called “energy core” and was developed by nuclear physicists. In total, there are more than 30 trillion cubic meters of gas in the bowels of the country. But access is only to 6 trillion. The rest are at a depth of three and a half kilometers below sea level. With the help of conventional technology (hydraulic rupture) can not get there. The authors of the idea report that the new technology is to use a powerful electric current. We can not say that this decision came to the Chinese recently: works last more than 10 years. However, further laboratory studies did not come. The first real-world studies will begin in March-April 2019.

Currently, the annual consumption of gas in China is more than 200 billion cubic meters. Of these, about 130 billion is produced on the territory of the state. In the next 20 years, according to the development plan published by the Ministry of energy of China, the consumption of natural gas in the country will increase by 76% to 347 billion cubic meters.